How does it work?

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    Sign up for free

    so that your clients can speak up, rate, and optionally tip for each and every service that you personally provided to them and for potential clients to discover you.

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    Update your profile

    with your occupation, service description, and service area. Also, make sure to upload a photo of yourself so that your profile is more recognizable.

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    Customize your public profile link

    which sends your clients directly to your public profile page where they can speak up about your service.

    Customize public profile link
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    Send the link to your client

    after each service, which includes a pre-filled thank you message that you can edit before sending.

    Send thank you message to your client
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    A new way of tipping

    requires an adjustment period for your clients. If your clients normally tip you in person, kindly ask them to tip you on instead by clicking the link in the message that you will send them. Tips are then tied to the rating and advice for the service. This means no more meaningless tips because you'll know why they tipped the way they did. You'll receive gratuity that speaks!

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